The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Monday, April 27, 2015

April 25, At Sea

Saturday, April 25 - Day 81 - At Sea

We are continuing up the West coast of Africa today passing some 245 nautical miles off the coast of Liberia and some 205 nautical miles off Sierra Leone. Guess that we are far enough away that it won’t count as a visit on the immigration health forms we still have to fill out on this trip.

This morning we both have Eggs Benedict, our favorite breakfast! We are running a little late this morning, but have no plans other than to begin the final proof of the blog from the beginning and to make files of best pictures for each day for the picture book Carolyn will put together of the trip. We walk outside to get back to the forward elevators. It is still quite humid this morning but not as bad as yesterday.

Back in the room we decide to begin the process of cleaning up the blog starting at the beginning in preparation for putting the book together. Dick works on proofing the reports one more time and Carolyn begins making files of pictures to use for each day.

About 1PM Carolyn goes down to the Grills lounge on our deck and gets some sandwiches then orders chips and cookies from room service. We can’t eat three big meals a day no matter how good they are.

The sea has been oily calm all day and the balcony is in the shade now so Carolyn adjourns to the balcony to read...mmm... sleep for the afternoon. There is a cool breeze across the deck and it is very know the rest of the story. Dick reads, naps and plays computer games in the room.

About 6:15PM we decide to try the lounge that is just for the Grills passengers for cocktails. It is really nice; don’t know why we haven’t gone in before. After a couple of cocktails and nibbles we adjourn to the dining room for a pleasant meal. Dick has a lemon sole dish and Carolyn has the always available spaghetti which is very good.

As usual, after the pleasant meal with good attentive service and chatting with our British neighbors we head for the room and never, never land via our starboard side walk in the twilight. Sunset tonight is 7:53PM.

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