The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Saturday, April 4, 2015

March 30, Bangkok

Monday, March 30, Day 55 - Bangkok

Dick is feeling some better and breakfast improves him even more. We ask the hotel concierge to call SJ Jewelers International and request that they send a car for us and they do. We need to pick up the jewelry pieces Carolyn has had them make from her collection of stones.

Our "Bangkok Jeweler," Lily, meets us and proudly produces SJ International’s creations as based on the drawings Carolyn left with them last week. As usual, they have done very nice work and Carolyn is pleased. We find one more piece that we like as a gift before leaving. They offer to take us to a site and we briefly consider going to The Jim Thompson House, but put that off until tomorrow. We have the car return us to the hotel about 11:30AM and we continue to try to catch up on this blog. A blog is a treasure once it is done but keeping it up to date is hard, especially when you are moving constantly. We have really needed these down days to catch up on it and our sleep.

Speaking of sleep, Dick takes a rare, afternoon nap and is finally on the mend when he gets up at 4:30PM. Carolyn goes to tea but Dick passes. She also stops to pick up the sewing. The Bali silk tops are great and the shirts are fine, but the side vent Carolyn had put in needs to be a little deeper, so she leaves the shirts to have that fixed and will get them in about an hour or so.

About 7:00 we are ready to go to "Happy Hour" but the shirts have not showed up. Carolyn goes to check on them so we don’t miss the delivery. As she gets out of the elevator the seamstress is waiting to get on. Carolyn takes the shirts up to the room and we do another light supper and drinks at Happy Hour.

Mr. Chompoo stops to bid us farewell as he will not be here tomorrow. He has been kind enough to allow us to keep our room until we are ready to leave at 5PM tomorrow. The service here at the Shangri-La has been exceptional. And even though we haven't done too much as compared to our previous stays, this was to be a R & R time in the middle of a busy trip. It has been just that! We just wish the A/C in our second room had worked a little better.

Back in the room we continue to work on this blog and Dick finally crashes about 9PM. Carolyn is not too far behind. Tomorrow will be a very long travel day! Somewhere there are a few pictures for theses slow days, but right now they are among the missing.

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