The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Saturday, April 4, 2015

April 2, Seychelles

Wednesday, April 2, Day 58 - Seychelles

We both admit to getting up once or twice during the night and Dick is slept out by 5:30AM; just 10 hours. He gets up and goes to the open-air, warm, humid lobby to read. It is raining lightly. Carolyn hangs on until 7:30 or so, just 12 hours for her and then we go to breakfast shortly after 8AM. It is a nice, full blown buffet with an omelet cooking station but the dining room is open air like everything else and we can feel sweat running down our backs as we eat. There are showers around and the sky is gray but the surf is not as high as last night.

We head back to the room and hope the maid has been in but no such luck. Carolyn is really paying for all the standing and going barefoot; her left foot is swollen twice its normal size. All she wants is to ice it down so she climbs in bed and Dick gets a bag of ice from the pool bar. We spend the morning nursing a foot, reading and working on this blog. We both hope for some sun later this afternoon and a chance to get in the water at least once.

At some point in the late morning during a break in the rain, Dick, going a bit stir crazy, walks down the beach to check it out. It isn’t long before he is back and glowing a bit from the heat. He says there is nothing much except a few beach side eateries and it is still overcast.

The internet is down most of the morning and early afternoon due to the storm. As the sky begins to clear we are able get on-line again. Dick can get some bookkeeping done and is not so antsy and Carolyn can actually begin to post reports again. It has been a very slow day, but probably what we needed since Dick is still fighting his cold and Carolyn's foot needed some rest.

It does finally clear off late in the afternoon, but Carolyn has no desire to walk any more than necessary so about 6PM we go back to the bar for dinner and drinks and enjoy one of the more spectacular sunsets ever.

We didn’t unpack to much so it isn’t a big deal to pack up tonight. We have an early flight tomorrow and Allen will meet us at 7AM. 

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