The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Monday, April 27, 2015

April 21, At Sea

Tuesday, April 21 - Day 78 - At Sea
Sunrise today is at 6:29AM. Today is the first of seven sea days and 3,800 nautical miles to our next port in Grand Canaria. Through the day we will sail north westerly along the Namibian coast. The day is sunny and pleasantly warm. Dick is up and at his coffee bar for his morning fix about 7:30. He goes back to the room and reads his Kindle until Carolyn wakes about 8AM. This suite is very nice with the sitting area at one end and the bed at the other. There is enough room that he doesn’t disturb Carolyn.

We head to breakfast about 8:30. The staff is beginning to know what we like...Carolyn a starter of fresh strawberries and Dick a plate of salmon with all the trimmings. The service is smooth and understated...things just happen...a very nice way to start the day.

We both have great intentions of getting out and enjoying what the ship is offering, but we both wind up staying in the room working on this blog and the pictures. After yesterday we are way behind again. We took over a 1,000 pictures and from what Carolyn is seeing on the first pass we got some good ones! Good...that was a bit of a stressful day!

We go to lunch about 1PM, then spend the rest of the afternoon reading and napping on the balcony. This is usually Carolyn’s thing, but Dick joins her this afternoon. We are "POSH" on this cruise...port out to Africa and starboard back to England...the cabin always has morning sun and afternoon shade making it pleasant on the balcony in the afternoon. We have very nice reclining lounge chairs with pads and covers and a large balcony so it is very inviting.

It is another formal night so we dress a suit for Dick and silk top and slacks for Carolyn and head to dinner about 7PM. Dick has shrimp in an ouzo sauce and Carolyn has the grilled lobster, part of the surf and turf main. They put two lobsters on her plate to make sure she has enough. They are a good size, very well done and tasty. Dick helps finish off the second one. We have crepe Suzette for dessert made table side which is soooo good. So far the food is wonderful and the service is very good. We are very pleased with the Queen’s Grill. Sunset is at 5:59PM so it is dark by the time we get back to the room and sleep is calling.

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