The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Saturday, May 2, 2015

April 26 - At Sea

Sunday, April 26 - Day 82 - At Sea

It is a hazy morning at sea. We turn north today as we sail some 340 nautical miles off the coast of Guinea in West Africa. We are giving this part of the coast of West Africa a wide breath due to increased pirate attacks recently according to the Captain. That is fine by us. Later tonight we will pass Cape Verde Islands some 140 nautical miles off the port side.

The sun doesn’t rise until 7:58AM this morning so we are a bit slow getting up. Dick gets up and goes for his morning mug of coffee and by the time he is back to the room Carolyn is up. We get to breakfast around 9AM and it seems like almost everyone else is moving slow also. After breakfast we walk along the promenade deck back to the forward elevator. There is a pleasant breeze blowing and it is comfortable outside...the stifling humidity seems to be gone for good.

We go to the church service this morning and luck out with a program and a copy of the hymns. Like last week, it is the traditional Church of England service, but with the printed material we can follow, so we stay. There are 25 songs in the hymnal and we recognize three or four by the title or the first verse. We miss our own church’s service with our friends, the meaningful sermon and the old familiar hymns.

Back in the room we are up to our usual. It is breezy, sunny, cool day and perfect for the balcony and a room service bowl of soup for lunch which turns out to be a big thermos full so we share. It is a thick tortilla soup and is quite good.

We read and nap the afternoon away and go to dinner, What a life!

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