The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Monday, April 27, 2015

April 22, At Sea

Wednesday, April 22 - Day 79 - At Sea Sunrise is at 6:45AM. Again, after an early night, Dick is up and out to the coffee bar for his morning fix and Carolyn wakes around 8AM. Breakfast is good as usual. We continue our northwesterly track leaving the Angolan coast and passing 750 nautical miles from Saint Helena off our port side today. This morning we go to the 10AM lecture by Dan Wilkins on "Our Place in the Universe". He has a very strong British accent and at times is a bit hard to understand, but it is an interesting talk on the development of the universe, probably more so for Carolyn than Dick. He talks about the many advances that were made in the 1960's when Carolyn was working for the astronomer at UT who was conducting experiments out at UT’s Davis Mountain Observatory.

Next up is a talk by RT. Hon. Lord Howard of Lympne CH QC, "Three Weeks that Changed the World, Churchill’s first three weeks as Prime Minister." Dick heads to this one and the theater is packed. Carolyn passes and goes to the library to find some reading material. She also explores the ship a bit and finds the wonderful aft pool on deck 8.

We get back to the room in time to head to lunch. Dick has a salmon starter and a small piece of grilled salmon as a main. Carolyn has a bowl of minestrone soup and a pasta dish. The soup and the pasta are excellent but very filling. After lunch we go to the theater to see a musical murder mystery - "Murder of the Master Mariner at Midnight on a Misty Monday in the Mid-Atlantic with a Mayan Machete." It is a funny part play and part game show based on a Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery. We don’t do so well on the game part, but we do enjoy the fun.

Back in the room, we again pass the afternoon napping and reading on the balcony....such a hard life!

The sun sets at 6:29PM and we are off to dinner. In the dining room things are settling into a routine, the waiters know what we like and we have gotten to know the people sitting near us so there is a lot of conversation among those of us at the tables for two, a very good set up....we can be alone if we want or participate in the on going conversations with those around us. Dick has a Spanish dish, seafood paella which he thought was good, but the Spanish lady at the next table said it wasn’t really. Carolyn has a nice vegetable plate since she had such a heavy lunch. We both have Banana’s Foster prepared table side for another good meal.

After a very pleasant day we are off too never, never land as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

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