The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Saturday, April 4, 2015

March 29, Bangkok

Sunday, March 29, Day 54 - Bangkok

Dick slept fairly well and wakes at 7AM feeling better. He proofs the blog post Carolyn left in draft form and posts it and reads until 8:30 when he opens the drapes to wake sleeping beauty. We had asked the maid to come at 9AM every day and we need to go to breakfast and let her work.

The dining room is full when we get there and we have a short wait for a table.

Mr. Chompoo had said the hotel would be full for the next several days and it shows. Lots of pushy Germans who don’t understand the concept of waiting their turn for a table or a newspaper!

After breakfast we decide to catch the "Orange Flag" ferry and ride the river. We have not done this in 10 years or more. We walk to the ferry landing, around the corner from the hotel entrance, and buy all day ferry passes for 300 Baht ($9.23US). The ferry is packed as we set out down river and it gets even more so for awhile but it begins to thin out when a crowd of people get off at the Royal Palace Compound landing.

 From there on we have some space and even get a seat. After one hour and a half we come to the end of the line and have to get off and board another one heading back up stream. This one never gets crowded and completes the run back to our starting point in one hour.

Back to the hotel and we are chased to our room by Mr. Chompoo asking after our well being and our cooling situation. We reassure him and do ask for a fan. It arrives and we spend the afternoon working on the blog. Dinner is "Happy Hour" and Dick goes to bed early, still half sick and coughing. Carolyn continues to work through the pictures and on the blog. It is proving to be a very time consuming process partly because we took so many pictures! 

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