The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Monday, April 27, 2015

April 23, At Sea

Thursday, April 23 - Day 80 - At Sea Sunrise today is 7:06AM. We cross into the Western Hemisphere today for the first time since crossing the International Date Line on February 21st; another little sign that our trip is nearing an end! We will also pass 740 nautical miles to the east of Ascension Island during the day.

We are up and to breakfast at the usual time. Dick works on the computer and reads and Carolyn explores the ship. The pain in her knees and feet is mostly gone and she wants some pictures. Dick did this the first morning. Then we adjourn for lunch and have a nice conversation with the British couple beside us.

Carolyn plans to go to the lecture by Ian Brown on Brink’s Mat Gold Bullion Robbery, but the theater is packed, not a seat in the house, so she spends the afternoon getting the pictures sorted while Dick gets caught up on the reports. Then she struggles with the slow internet to get all the back posts published and after buying some more internet time we are up to date. The rest of this section of the trip should be easier to do and take less time since we are on the ship. There is not too much happening and really no pictures.

It is very humid today and is miserable out side; plus it looks like rain. The balcony is not too appealing so we both stay inside.

The Grand Staircase

It is another formal night tonight so the menu has some special things, one, snails in garlic butter, Dick’s favorite and lemon soufflĂ© for desert which we both like. In between these two items we have a wonderful rack of lamb done to perfection with baked potatoes with all the trimmings! Pleasantly stuffed we waddle to bed inside the ship since when we peek out it is raining.

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