The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 24, Yr Hafan, Porthgain, Wales

Sunday, May 24, Day 110 - Yr Hafan, Porthgain, Wales

After the sunny day of yesterday and the pretty sunset, we have a heavy mist and fog this morning with very reduced visibility. At breakfast we visit with a 50-something couple from SE England who are here on a long weekend break and a set of grandparents with with their two young granddaughters and their parents.

The visibility begins to improve about 10AM and we drive over to Trefin and Carolyn checks out the craft market she saw last evening. Nothing here. We then drive some VERY back roads (trails) to Fishguard. One trail is so narrow that a couple out walking has to partially climb the backside of the hedgerow along the roadside to let us pass. In Fishguard, we stop down near the very narrow bridge and harbor for some pictures but do not find anything open for lunch on this Sunday of a three day weekend but there is some kind of festival with people in native costume dancing in the street.

So, we head back over to Porthgain and revisit The Sloop Inn, which is hopping at almost 3PM, and have a light lunch of a crab sandwich and a Welch Rabbit with a tap lemonade and beer for the bargain price of $29US. Afterwards we visit one of the galleries in the village but nothing calls to us.

Now on down the peninsula to St. Davids, the smallest city in the UK, for a look at St. Davids Cathedral. The village of St. Davids is a CITY because it has this Anglican Cathedral. Some quirk in the UK rules, we guess. We arrive about 4PM and find parking only because of Carolyn’s handicapped sticker. Never leave home without it! St. Davids looks like a cute place to explore, but its streets are rather steep and our knees are not up to that today. The Cathedral is enough.

The grounds are beautiful; all walled in with both some ruined buildings and the active cathedral which is built on a sloping hillside. There has been a place of worship on this site since the 6th Century. The present cathedral was begun in 1181. The nave was built between 1530-40. The cathedral was all but destroyed by Cromwell’s forces and reconstruction did not begin until 1793. We are fans of these old buildings and this one is well worth a visit. The organ was playing while we were there and that made our visit even more special. Nothing like the sound of a huge pipe organ in a grand cathedral!

We head back to the B&B and spend the last of the late afternoon sitting outside enjoying the spectacular views of the Penbrokeshire Coast.

Tonight we have reservations at The Shed in Porthgain and we arrive about 7:15PM. They are known for their Fish and Chips so we have them and select Cod as the fish. Most that we have had recently has been Haddock and the Cod is noticeably better; or maybe it is the cook. After dinner we walk around the harbor and the ruins of the factory one last time. For some reason this little nothing of a place calls to us!

We have done nothing all day and are tired from it and Dick’s knee has really bothered him all day. He even resorted to using Carolyn’s extra cane at some point. Back at the B&B we watch the last of the sunset and turn in. Tomorrow is another travel day! Oh Joy!

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