The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Saturday, May 2, 2015

April 30, At Sea

Thursday, April 30 - Day 86 - At Sea

Since we left port yesterday we have been heading north northeast across the Atlantic at 16 knots; some 5 to 6 knots slower than we have been doing. The Captain says we will be 190 nautical miles east of Lisbon by this evening. Sun rise is 7:09 this morning and we are heading for breakfast by 8:30. Carolyn’s knees are feeling better this morning, but she plans a low key day today.

There are three speakers today and we finally make it to the theater for the 12:1PM lecture. It is an interesting talk, “Flying High Life in the Red Arrows” by Squadron Manager Ruth M. Shackleton. This is the Royal Air Forces Aerobatic Team. It is interesting with some film clips of their performances.

We spend the afternoon at our usual pursuits, reading and game playing for Dick and napping on the balcony for Carolyn.

Tonight is the fourth informal night in a row which is nice.  We both order the rack of lamb. So far it has been wonderful. Done table side to perfection! Tonight does not disappoint!

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