The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Saturday, May 2, 2015

May 1, At Sea

Friday, May 1 - Day 87 - At Sea

Sun rise is at 6:43 today, but we don’t see it. We are later today getting to breakfast and it is after 9AM before we show up. Carolyn has eggs Benedict as it is her favorite! It is starting out as a messy day...very foggy.

Today, according to the navigator, we will continue on our north northeasterly heading and passing the city of La Coruna 95 nautical miles to the west of us, Then we will cross Fitzroy and by late evening pass Ushant on the Brittany Coast.

Carolyn spends most of the day sorting through our clothes and packing the two big bags which will stay in Southampton in storage with Cunard and the two carry-ons to go with us. She is going to try to eliminate the dufflebag that we have been using to keep all the bags at the airline required weight. Right now we don’t have to worry about the weight and that will make it much easier to handle things.  Dick just tries to stay out of the way by playing on the computer and reading.

The day finally clears a bit and we hear that the Queen Elizabeth is sailing with us   about 50 miles to our east. All three Queens will be in Southampton together as they each finish their 2015 world voyages. It is going to be a mad house,

It is another formal night...the last one thank heavens though it only means adding a tie to his shirt for Dick. It seems to be about equally mixed for the men between a tux or white dinner jacket and a dark suit on formal night. Dick looks really nice in his black suit and most nights he adds one of the formal vests. Carolyn wears her silk slacks and one of the silk tops she had made in Bangkok either on this trip or the 2009 trip. Some women wear long dresses or short cocktail dresses. Others just a nice church outfit so Carolyn’s silk outfits are prefect and are not hard to pack.  We have the tempura shrimp as an main tonight. It is Carolyn’s favorite dish.

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