The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Feb 7, Napa

Saturday, February 7, 2015 - Day 4

The rain stopped over night and it is quite foggy when Dick gets up at 6AM. 
His clock is not adjusting well even though we went to bed after 10PM local time last night.  Dick is a morning person and there is a nook where he can sit and read or work on the computer and blog without shining a light on Carolyn who is definitely not a morning person.

The breakfast basket is delivered promptly at 8AM and contains a French baguette, a small rustic sourdough loaf, a large ham and cheese croissant, a fruit muffin, orange juice and fruit.  Also enclosed are two slices of quiche and two more ham and cheese croissants, from Bouchon Bakery that we ordered special to have for lunch and dinner tonight.  Coffee and tea complete a pleasant breakfast when topped off by scrambled eggs from our small supply.

The charger we had planned to use to charge our Kindle Fires is not working well.  Dick’s plan to save space is not working as planned.  Our first stop this morning is a Radio Shack in Napa where we buy an AC-USB adapter in hopes of improving the charging performance.  Then we head north to the Silverado Trail for stops at two wineries where we have complimentary tastings through our lodgings.

The first is Regusci Winery.  We taste a good Chardonnay that is grown near Cuvaison’s location and several Cabernets and a Zinfandel that are not that great.  This winery has been here since 1878 under three different owners and names.   Outside the tasting room are lemon and olive trees as well as the vineyards, pruned and waiting for Spring.

We then move on to Pine Ridge Vineyards where they have a very good Chardonnay, Le Petit Clos Chardonnay, and several Cabernets that are not to our liking.  We buy a bottle of the Le Petit Clos to take on the ship.  It is very expensive at nearly $70 and is a splurge but we are now done with our wine tour.

Leaving Pine Ridge, we drive North on Silverado Trail to Rutherford and on into St. Helena.  We have been here before and see some familiar sights.  We are looking for a ripe pear to go with our blue cheese and wine tonight but do not find any.  We settle for a jar of pear butter preserves.....we will see how that works out.  After a brief stop at V. Sattui Winery for a bathroom break and a photo stop or two we head back to our cottage for lunch and arrive at 1:30PM. 

Carolyn declares that she feels a nap coming on and it is beginning to cloud up.  Showers are in the forecast.  Napping may be a plan for the rest of the afternoon.

Well, it certainly is for Carolyn and Jack.  The snores are deafening!  It is 4:30PM, the sun is peeking through breaking clouds and Dick just finished a pleasant walk around the property that culminated in a talk with the owner.
After our feast last night, we had very little lunch and decided to go lightly on supper.  So, we had a selection of blue cheese, brie topped with the pear butter and heated, crusty artisan bread, pears, olives and wonderful fresh sweet blackberries. We enjoyed our feast with a bottle of a very good red wine we bought at Cuvaison yesterday.  Very nice!

Time to call it a day.  Tomorrow we move on board Cunard's Queen Elizabeth for our Pacific crossing.

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