The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Friday, February 13, 2015

Feb 11, At Sea

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - Day 8

The seas picked up a little during the night and the rocking and rolling combined with a dark, cool room and very comfortable bed means that Dick is not up at his usual 6-6:30AM but does not crack an eyelid until 7:30AM. Up and at them boy, coffee is calling! iPad and mug in hand he proceeds to Café Carpathia and his daily fix and then reads until 8:30AM when he returns to the room to find Carolyn nearly ready to go to breakfast.

Breakfast service is very slow and, believe it or not, three days into this leg of the cruise they have run out of oatmeal! How is that possible?! Several people at our table had ordered oatmeal and that throws off the whole production. Our Eggs Benedict finally arrive about 9:40AM and we eat and run. We have nothing to do today and we need to get about it.

Dick goes to trivia where his team continues to score 14 out of 20. We can’t seem to break through that barrier. Carolyn goes to the port lecture on Pago Pago to get some information on what to do own your on.

Starting at 11:00AM, we attend lectures on Polynesian languages by Joe Kess, and the development of the SST Concorde by Captain Chris Rigby. He started his series on the last segment and they were replaying his first lecture on Super Sonic Flight on TV so we watched that to get up to speed. He is a British airline captain (commercial airlines) and has a dry way of speaking, but has lots of interesting film clips and photos to liven up the presentation.

We head to lunch at 1:00PM and are seated at a table for 8. It turns out to be a lively group of a German-Chinese couple from Bavaria, an English couple and a couple from New Jersey. We are all well traveled and have a very lively discussion trying to stay away from the right to carry which is a bit hard for Dick. Well, the Brit woman did volunteer that she thinks there are too many guns in America. Dick thinks there are too few in Britain!

There is a talk on Whales by Denny Whitford at 2:00PM so we skip out before dessert is served. Whitford is an excellent presenter and so far he has had very good lectures. Really, it has all been interesting if you can stay awake in the theater chairs while the ship undulates in moderate seas. Some of us have a harder time than others! We have a 40mph wind from the South and the sky is gray. Not a pretty day.

Back to the room for a while we work on the blog and read. Carolyn skips knitting today and sits out on the balcony until the mist starts to blow in and it gets too cool. She then goes to tea.
There are many empty tables again like there were Monday. The ship is rolling again like Monday also. Yesterday Carolyn had to wait a few minutes for a table, but it was a nice calm day and there seemed to be more people out and about.

After tea Carolyn checks on our account to be sure all the OBC and charges are posted correctly which they are and goes back to the room to read. Dick is playing a game on the computer.
As dinner time approaches the ship begins to roll more. We get a corkscrew from room service and open one of our gift wines to enjoy while we dress for dinner. It is another formal night with the welcome aboard party, but we play hooky and enjoy our wine.

On the way to the dinning room we pass by the Queen’s Court where the party is being held just in time to hear that for once the UK group at some 500 plus exceeds the US contingent of some 380. We miss hearing about the numbers for other groups but from lunch and breakfast we know there are a large number of Germans, Australians and Canadians plus some from New Zealand, Russia and Japan. We always like a cruise with a mix of nationalities.

Tonight the service is just a good as last night so we are happy campers. We both have French onion soup, Caesar salad, Chateaubriand and lemon soufflé. The food has been very good to excellent so far especially considering the number of people served at each meal!

Well, the ship is really rolling again and it is bed time. With all the movement we should sleep very well!

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