The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Feb 8, Napa to the Queen Elizabeth

Sunday, February 8, 2015 - Day 5

The rain returned during the night and it rained hard until about 11:30AM. During the morning Carolyn packed and Dick made a run to Walgreens for some necessaries. We checked out a little before noon and headed toward Pier 35 in San Francisco, some 56 miles down the road.
While still raining, it was not pouring any longer and we picked up I-80 and moved at posted speeds. A Sunday drive! 

We pulled up in front of Pier 35 and were met by a very accommodating porter who took our three checked bags while we moved on to return the rent car. Thank Heavens for our GPS. The shortest route, according to it, took almost 30 minutes to reach deep downtown where pulled into a parking garage and returned the car in one piece. We moved up to street level and walked half a block to a cab stand. The cab in the front of the line was in sad shape with a transmission that groaned and growled each time we moved off from a stop. Traffic was heavy and it took 20 plus minutes to return to the pier where we unloaded and went through the check-in and security process. May Osama ben Laden rot in Hell!!!!!

Once on board, in reality a fairly painless process and well organized, we find our cabin, #4050, and begin unpacking. Two of our checked pieces
are waiting by the door. The missing one has several small cans of Coca-Cola and Carolyn wants to take some medicine so Dick is off to find an open bar. He finally finds the Garden Lounge on Deck 9 and buys a small bottle of coke and glass of ice for $4.03. You can explain the $.03; I can’t!

Unpacking finished, we attend the mandatory safety briefing; life vests and all. Once done with that, we explore a little bit and wind up on the back of the ship for some photos of The Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz in fading, near sunset and cloudy light. We sail at 7:30PM and it will be way past photo time then!
We have late dinner seating (8:30 PM) and the prime rib in the Lido looks very tempting. We will see if we last. We are both very tired and in need of a hot shower, good dinner and good night’s sleep.

Dress for dinner is either informal or formal. Informal for men is a jacket with or without a tie. Formal is tux or dark suit with a tie. Tonight is informal. We are pleased to find that we have a table for two as requested. Service is off tonight and very slow. Carolyn orders vegetable soup and a salad and Dick has the soup and a Thai spring roll. For a main course, nothing on the regular menu really appeals so we order off the "Always Available" menu. Carolyn has a small steak and baked potato and Dick has salmon and a baked potato. Carolyn likes her steak but Dick’s salmon is over done and tasteless. We have to ask for condiments for the baked potato and finally get butter and sour cream. We both have apple strudel for dessert along with coffee and camomile tea. They seem to have a hard time understanding the order for the tea and cream for Dick’s coffee is just as hard to arrange.
Back to the room where the bed configuration has been fixed and sleep is calling. Soon all three of us are sound asleep.

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