The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feb 10, At Sea

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - Day 7

Dick is up early again and goes for his morning mug of coffee. He gets back to the room a little after 8:00AM. Carolyn is just getting dressed. We head to breakfast at 8:30AM. Our stewardess is just setting up outside of our room as we leave. Carolyn had asked her the first night to try and clean the room while we were at breakfast and she seems to be trying to do just that and we really appreciate it.

We have another shared table for breakfast in a different part of the dining room. Our table mates are from New Zealand and Australia and we have another good waiter. Carolyn has Eggs Benedict and Dick has fruit yogurt and smoked salmon.

As we are leaving the dining room we decide to be proactive about our evening table assignment. We just don’t want to be on pins and needles wondering how each night will be. So we ask to speak with the Maitre’ de. He is most gracious and already has been advised of the situation. He tells us they are working on it and offers us the option to stay at our assigned table or move to a new table and gives us a choice of two tables for two. We elect to move since we feel that there is really something off at our present location and we don’t want that stress every night of hoping that it will improve. We are still on the second level, but on the other side and in the back next to a window. We will see if we luck out with a pleasant staff like we have had for our other three meals.

Dick goes to trivia and joins his group from yesterday, making him a permanent member of that group. Carolyn goes to the port lecture for Maui. We have a ship’s tour booked for this port; a 4x4 Expedition to Lanai. Carolyn booked it in early December and is glad she did as it was sold out before we boarded. We have been to Maui before, rented a car, explored the Iao Valley, went to one of the beaches and went to a Luau. This tour sounds different and fun.

We both go to the Insights Lecture: "Ocean Waves...from Cat’s Paws to Perfect Storm" by Dr. Denny Whitford, retired Naval Captain and Professor of Oceanography. He has a very interesting presentation on ocean waves so we can "read the sea" as we cruise. Some of his photos and videos are amazing!

That is followed by the second in the series by Joe Kess, "Prelude to Pearl Harbor." He explores Japanese history with interesting pictures pointing out the events over the last 800 years or so that prompted Japan to embark on the Pacific War.

It is after 1:00PM before we get back to the room and, of course, it is time for lunch. Again we opt for a shared table and are seated with three Brits and two Canadians. Lunch is very tasty and the serving size is just right. However, the group broke a cardinal rule and let the conversation drift to the politically hot topic of global warming and the lunch came to a fast end!

After lunch we went our separate ways...Carolyn to knitting and tea...Dick to read and people watch. The seas have been very calm today and there are more people out and about but the ship still seems to have plenty of room for all and it is not hard to find that special, quiet corner to read or nap.

We have late dinner seating (8:30PM) and waiting for that is a little long. Tonight is also a formal night so we shower and dress and by 6:30PM we are in our favorite bar up on deck 10 forward. Drinks are very expensive ($10.93 each) so you can’t sit and drink all night without breaking the bank. We do have two rounds over a two hour period along with some complimentary canap├ęs but that can’t be done every night!

Dinner at our new table is very pleasant and our waiter must have been warned to take good care of us as everything from the wine to dessert is delivered promptly and with a little bit of ceremony. Dick has red snapper and Carolyn has an excellent cottage pie. This is toped off with chocolate pots and crepe Suzette...yummy! We are not hard to please but we are paying for service and want it. We are at a table for two and there are several other two tops around us. At one the couple is speaking Russian and at the other German and very good English. We finish up about 9:30PM and make our way to our cabin. The beds are extremely comfortable and Morpheus is calling.

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