The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Feb 12, At Sea

Thursday, February 12, 2015 - Day 9

7:00AM, time to get up! But it is dark! Where is the sun? Pull back the drapes to a rainy, dark sky with 11-12 ft. waves! Ship is fairly stable but it has slowed from to 19 knots from 23-24 knots of the last few days.

On the way to find coffee, Dick hears a break-in PA announcement of a "Code Alpha" in Suite 8015. Three young men who are wiping down railings near him drop everything and run for the nearest entry to crew country. Wonder what that is all about? The coffee Barista says a Code Alpha is a medical emergency! Hope all turns out well.

Coffee at the coffee bar and breakfast as usual. Then to our daily routine of trivia and lecturers...Port Lecture at 10AM, How on Earth does it Fly? by Captain Rigby at 11AM and Tropical Cyclones by Denny Whitford at 12:15. The Captain comes on the PA half way through the Port Lecture to announce that we will be late getting into Honolulu on Friday, hopefully by noon. He blames the strong swells we have been experiencing for most of the time since San Francisco. He does announce that we will stay in Honolulu through 6PM on Saturday and will proceed to Lahina on Sunday and then make up the lost day on our run down to Pago Pago. We shall see. Of course the sole topic of conversation around the ship the rest of the day is about all the changes to the ports on this cruise. We are just excited to have an overnight in Honolulu and not miss Lahina!

At lunch we sit with two ladies (widows) from New Zealand and a couple from Australia. One of ladies from New Zealand is originally from Tanzania. She is second generation Tasmanian and her husband was third generation. He and his family before him were farmers. They were chased out in 1980 when the government nationalized the farms. She and her husband moved eventually to the Bay of Islands of New Zealand and set up a Lodge...interesting story.

At 2PM we go to the Kess’ lecture on the movement of people across the islands of South East Asia and the Pacific and the development of the many languages. Dick then disappears back to the room and Carolyn goes to knitting and tea. Later she visits with the tour people since the port lecture got cut off due to having the same announcement in English, German and then Japanese!

We spend some time downloading pictures from around the ship then dress for dinner and go to the Commodore Club forward on deck 10 for drinks and watch the ship rise and fall as she plows through the big rollers.

Dinner is very tasty once again. Carolyn has chicken done in a cordon blu style with ham and goats cheese and Dick has leg of lamb with a nice pink center just the way he likes it. We top the meal off with chocolate lava cake, fudge sauce and white chocolate ice cream then "waddle and roll" back to the cabin. The ship is really rolling so good sleeping again tonight.

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