The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 2, The Queen Mary 2 at Sea

Tuesday, June 2 - Day 118 - The Queen Mary 2 at Sea 

Sunrise is a little after 6AM. We continued our westerly course toward Nantucket over night. Crossing onto the North American Continental shelf this morning, we are now sailing over the Georges Banks. This is an area of shallow water ranging from 300 meters to 125 meters in depth. About 11:30AM we pass100 nautical miles off Nantucket and turn more southerly and enter the traffic separation scheme for our entrance into New York Harbor.

We wake to another sunny day, a bit breezy but calm blue seas. We have our usual breakfast, boy is Carolyn going to miss the eggs Benedict, but Dick is looking forward to his good cup of coffee!

Levine is doing his last talk on the airmen of WWI this morning. So we go early to be sure to get a seat. Again it is very good...Carolyn is not much on war history, but he really makes it come alive. We enjoy this lecture as much as the others.

Last night, as we went in the dining room, one of the photographers had set up a plain back drop for pictures. No one was there so we had him take a set since we were all dressed up. They are ready now, so we go check on them. There is one that we both like and we still have a few dollars of "on board credit" we need to use or lose plus the photographer had given us a coupon for a free B&W copy. So we get the color picture and order the B&W, which will be delivered to the room later tonight.

Now it is lunch time! Off we go to the dining room and have soup and a cheddar cheese and walnut tart, a very tasty lunch.

There are a couple of things on the afternoon agenda that Carolyn wants to do, but Dick’s knee is still dragging him down hurting. We did get planetarium show tickets for 2PM so we go to that, but it was really a disappointment and not worth the time! Dick goes back to the room and Carolyn goes to hear the last of Miller’s talk on New York City Harbor. It is as good as the earlier talks and is most informative about what we will see in the morning if we get up early!

Finally, back in the cabin at 4:30PM, Carolyn finishes the book she has been reading and Dick plays on the computer until dinner time. Book finished, Carolyn has put off packing until it has to be done! This is the worst part of a cruise! She spends the next hour getting most everything out on the bed and into one of the bags. Since Dick has to wear a jacket to diner, she can’t finish so we head to the dining room. Everyone is there tonight. We order a Caesar salad and the rack of lamb. It is delicious as usual. We then have another Brandy Alexander for dessert! After a nice visit with the tables around us and saying good bye, we head back to the room so Carolyn can finish packing. Dick gets the bags out around 10:30PM and goes to bed. Carolyn stays up doing some last minute little things before turning the lights out.

We have set the alarm for 4:00AM so we can watch the sail into New York City.

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