The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 1, The Queen Mary 2 at Sea

Monday, June 1 - Day 117 - The Queen Mary 2 at Sea

Early this morning about 1:30AM we passed 40 nautical miles south of the resting place of the famous White Star liner, RMS Titanic, which lies in position 41degrees 44'N by 049 degrees 56'W. Our course was then altered to the West which we will continue on the rest of the day. We rounded the outer boundary of the ice limit late last night. We are some 300 miles farther south than the usual crossing track around Newfoundland’s Great Banks due to the unusually long reaches of the ice at this time of the year. Hence we are enjoying the effects of the warming Gulf Current with sunny days and very blue, calm seas. Thank you!

Sunrise is at 6:08AM. Dick is up around 7AM and goes to the Kings Court to fill his coffee mug with hot chocolate.  He has given up on finding good coffee! The Coffee Bar’s coffee is terrible on this cruise and was bad on the Cape Town run also. However, the Coffee Bar on the Queen Elizabeth had someone who knew how to make good coffee so Dick got his morning mug filled there every day. He can’t wait to get home and have a really good strong cup of coffee in the morning!

We have our usual good breakfast, then Carolyn goes by the Concierge to get tickets for the Planetarium Show tomorrow. We didn’t do this coming up from Cape Town, thinking we would have plenty of chances on the crossing, but there have been so many good speakers this time, we haven’t had a chance.

Next she goes to another of Bill Millers talks "Getting There was Half the Fun" at 10AM. Dick goes on back to the cabin and reads. There is a talk by the food speaker, John Mariani, at 11AM on "Bites from the Big Apple", but we decide to wait and watch it after 5PM this afternoon since we didn’t much care for his first talk...he really rambles...but maybe he will gives us some ideas for Italian in New York City.

Carolyn has a Panini in the room and Dick goes to the dining for some mushroom soup. Then we enjoy the nice afternoon. At 2PM Carolyn goes to see the RADA production "Romeo and Juliet". It is done in an modern setting and is an interesting take on the original play.

We spend the rest of the afternoon reading. It is the last formal night. Dressed we go to dinner about 7PM and stop to have another picture taken just outside the restaurant doors. Dick has a salmon appetizer and a version of Dover sole. Carolyn has another Caesar salad and grilled lobster. For dessert we indulge ourselves with Brandy Alexanders made with ice cream like we do at home instead of ice and cream!

After a walk on the deck, sunset isn’t until 9:26PM so the sun is still high in the shy, we go back to the room. Just one more full day!


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