The Itinerary

The Itinerary

Friday, March 20, 2015

March 20, Bangkok

Friday, March 20 - Day 45 - Bangkok 
Dick sleeps in a little and goes down for coffee at 8:30AM. He thinks Carolyn will not be far behind....wrong!! She sleeps in and wakes sometime after 9. Dick comes up to check at 9:30 because he is HUNGRY! She gets to the lounge by 10 in time to order the main breakfast course with Dick.

We have nothing to do today except pack a small bag for the week in Burma. We have arranged to leave all the other luggage here with the hotel. We have more bags than we like, but it couldn’t be helped after we changed picking up the cruise that gets us up to England one from Capetown instead of from Singapore. The luggage shipping companies will not ship into Johannesburg or Capetown. Having to carry the extra cruise clothes has been a pain, but we are managing.
Carolyn takes a piece of fabric and a top she likes to the seamstress here in the hotel shopping area to make up while we are gone. If it turns out well, she will leave the silk pieces with her to do when we get back. The rest of the morning is spent getting the blog up to date. It is so easy to forget what we do and see if we don’t keep it up!

About 3PM we go down for tea and then walk along the hotel path by the river watching the river traffic. It is really busy today. We thought about riding the river taxi system, the full route this afternoon, but it is very hazy today so we will wait until we get back and hope for a clear sunny morning or afternoon.

Back in the room we work on packing a minimal bag with clothes, cameras and electronics for the trip and get the rest organized to store. We go to cocktails and dinner about 7. Again the lounge spread is varied and quite good. Some more time on the balcony watching the night time traffic and to bed.

We have a long day tomorrow. We need to leave the hotel at 9AM to ensure we are at the airport by the 10AM check in time. Fortunately we have the hotel car and driver again as part of the package. The flight is at 12:05PM and is just about 90 minutes.

Our car and driver will meet us at the Mandalay airport and we have a full afternoon of site seeing before our heads hit the pillow again. We will be back to Bangkok on the 27th and will add to the blog when we can.

Postscript March 21...We are on our way to Burma!
We are sitting in the Bangkok Airways Lounge at the Bangkok airport and will board the noon flight in about an hour. 

It has been a painless morning so far for a travel day. A 7AM wake up call got us going, had a nice breakfast and then the porter came for the bags we are storing and in a few minutes we left for the airport in the beautiful hotel car. It took 40 minutes to get to the airport. A member of the hotel staff met us at the car and escorted us through check-in. She got us into the first class line and then they got Carolyn a wheelchair as it is a long walk to the gate and who knows maybe a bus ride to the plane...we will see. Anyway we were escorted though the formalities and to the lounge which was a pleasant surprise.

We will do the reverse process on the afternoon of the 27th with lots of stories to tell I am sure about our visits to Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon.


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